Beit al Barakah

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We ensure a sense of dignity to Lebanese families that have been deprived of their most basic needs and rights.

Lebanon Needs

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Fundraising Campaign/Organization (Food, money, medical equipment etc).Delivers sustainable healthcare solutions to underserved Lebanese populations

NERDS Educating about Finance in Lebanon during the current economic crisis.

  • Mismanagement
  • Economy
  • Accountability
  • Bankruptcy
  • Bailout

Article by Diala Lteif- The Lebanon Revolution Takes on The Media: A Resource on Alternative News Outlets

Since 17 October 2019, one of the most pressing concerns for Lebanese living abroad has been access to reliable sources of information about the uprising happening in our home country. Obviously, the sources of information we rely on influence our opinions. Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who follow mainstream Lebanese media are increasingly less informed and more pessimistic about the realities on the ground.

LOGI’s objective is to develop a network of Lebanese experts in the global energy industry and provide them with a platform to lobby Lebanese policy makers and educate Lebanese citizens on the key decisions facing the oil and gas industry. It focuses on public awareness, policy development and advocacy to help Lebanon maximize the economic and social benefits of its oil and gas wealth – and avoid the resource curse.

Forbidden. An initiative in Aqaba – Zgharta to support each other in these circumstances, by providing foodstuffs

Young people’s Christmas initiative setting up a booth starting December 8th in Riad El Soloh. “Take what you need booth” people can drop off anything from clothing to toys and food for people in need to pick and chose from.

Rim El Rafi, Samaya Mansour, Rana Sukarieh, Suha Harb & Shaghig Chaparian

We are a group of Lebanese citizens that came together to help our fellow Lebanese living in dire conditions. The ongoing economic collapse, salary cuts, wrongful termination, the devaluation of the Lebanese currency, and the increase in domestic prices have left hundreds of families in severe poor conditions.They are unable to meet their basic food and shelter demands. Two days ago, a Lebanese indebted father committed suicide for his inability to give 1000 L.L.(50 cents) for his daughter, and his inability to pay the medical expenses for his wife. Today, another Lebanese father committed suicide for his inability to meet his basic family needs.

Bits to Atoms


Bits to Atoms is collecting funds to help protesters stay warm during this winter season. We have already built a first Sobya on Martyr’s Square and it’s a huge success! Associations are asking for more, so would you help finance the production of more Sobyas to keep the Revolution going on despite the cold, for a better Lebanon? The stoves are placed in public spaces only, where anyone can benefit from them irrelevantly of political sides. Follow the link to fund the project through Zoomal.,

Caritas Lebanon


Caritas Lebanon is present at all Carrefour branches and other supermarkets collecting food parcels to be distributed to the needy families.