Himaya is a NGO dedicated to fighting child abuse.


For Legal assistance please call Legal Agenda’s Hotline and they will connect you with a Pro Bono lawyer to work with.

Citizens for Lebanon

In the 1st episode, we discuss the roots of the recent economic crisis in Lebanon with Ahmad Kazak.



Impact Lebanon – A fundraiser covering 9 initiatives in Lebanon

Put together by London for Lebanon Team.

Impact Lebanon Fundraiser Guide



Our mission is to fight and overcome hunger by developing effective Feeding Programs in parallel with Development & Awareness programs to eliminate hunger.

The Lebanese Food Bank is a non-profit (Licence #1596), non-confessional and non-partisan organization established by a group of Lebanese business men in 2012 and a member of the Regional Food Banking Network in Dubai. It is presently headed by Mr. Kamal Sinno and is backed by a number of board members.

It strives towards the eradication of hunger throughout Lebanon through a range of food, development/training and awareness programs. Knowing that 28.6% of the population in Lebanon lives in poverty (around 20.6% live below the upper poverty line which translates into about $4 per day and around 8% are extremely poor and live below the lower poverty line estimated at $2.4 per day), we are working towards both short-term relief and a long-term sustainable solution to this pressing issue.

At present, we provide food on a daily basis to families and individuals in need mainly through the collection of surplus food from partner restaurants, hotels, caterers, supermarkets and fruit and vegetables, food exporters/importers. Our main line of work is to provide food to a selected number of more than 70 Lebanese NGOs active in a variety of fields.

Our action is indispensable in Lebanon today and in order to achieve it, we rely on donations in kind and in money from individuals and an increasing number of corporate partners: banks, hotels, institution, restaurants, catering companies…

Lebanese non-profit association aims to reform the individual and society by building civilised institutions specialised in the fields of advocacy, charity, education and social impact. 


Fair Trade Lebanon‘s campaign is fundraising to provide food baskets to families in need using locally grown produce that supports farmer workers and cooperatives.

Lebtivity, the calendar for events, is extensively sharing and promoting the cleanups happening every morning in Martyrs Square and Riad El Solh, and contributed in making a connection for Jal El Dib to create a cleanup group with Joanna Jleilaty.

Daily, many volunteers are seeing the event on Lebtivity and joining every morning.

Many contacts with media or people who wanted to help were made too and transferred to the people in charge.


KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation is a feminist, secular, Lebanese, non-profit, non-governmental civil society organization seeking to create a society that is free of social, economic and legal patriarchal structures
that discriminate against women. 

‘Tol3et Re7etkom’ طلعت رحتكم (‘You Stink’) is a Lebanese grassroot anti-corruption movement

Design Lebanon is a Lebanese design vitrine sharing art inspired by the protests.

+44 20 7995 8568

Merill Lynch paper assessing the situation in Lebanon and recommendations.

GEM Fixed Income Strategy & Economics EEMEA
Jean-Michel Saliba
MENA Economist/Strategist MLI (UK)

+961 1 976 572

A group of environmental activists and supporters who are planting trees in the city. Contact them on DM for next initiatives.


A platform for rapid and direct communication between the independent trade union movement in Lebanon and all citizens and trade unionists in Lebanon and in the world.


Local Producers, Foods and Drinks and Workshops

Every Sunday 9am till 2pm College St Sauveur, Museum Street

Meet local and organic producers, green community, & eco-friendly initiative.

Stay updated with all road closures in Lebanon.


Hello All,

First thank you to everyone that participated in the Human Chain it was truly a spectacle. But our work isn’t over, we need to make sure the whole of Lebanon and the world know how we stood in solidarity for our entire country in the face of adversity.

Below are a group of links to prominent news stories (in English and Arabic) that have been published as a result of the Human Chain. What we need you to do is the following:

1. Repost the stories on your social media handles (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)

2. Use the Hashtags #LebaneseHumanChain and #السلسلة_البشرية_اللبنانية

3. Tag @Humanchain.lebanon

4. Circulate this message to everyone you know (residents and expats)

By doing this we will be able to feed online traffic to those news stories so they become trending topics and in turn become more likely to appear in a google search about Lebanon. This will greatly help keep the conversation about our beloved country’s revolution alive, and show the world that we stand hand in hand in solidarity…literally

Arabic news stories:

الشرق الأوسط – سلسلة بشرية من جنوب لبنان إلى شماله… والمصارف تواصل الإغلاق غداً

يورو نيوز – لبنانيون يشاركون في سلسلة بشرية من شمال البلاد إلى جنوبها في إطار الحراك الشعبي

رويترز – المحتجون في لبنان يشكلون سلسلة بشرية بطول 171 كيلومترا

English News Stories:

The Guardian – Protesters form human chain across Lebanon

Gulf News – Watch: Lebanese attempt to form human chain from north to south

Reuters – With Lebanon in deadlock, protesters form human chain

76 608 205

Proud Lebanon is a nonprofit civil society working to achieve protection, empowerment & equality to marginalized groups through community service activities


Participate by selecting among pairs of proposals. There are 90 proposals and 4005 pairs. You can stop whenever you want. Your participation is anonymous.

Rider’s Right NGO is to bring back proper public transportation by mapping out Lebanon’s transit routes