Communication Apps

“Dear Lebanese people,

Join the discord server for the Lebanese revolution to communicate securely with all your fellow citizens involved with the protests (all in one place).

There are channels for every area covering Lebanon. If we are missing any areas or topics in the channels section please notify us.

Look up “discord” on your app or play store to download it.

An infinite amount of people can join the server. Share this with everyone involved. Share news, useful information and events on related channels and please keep it respectful and peaceful.

In hopes of a better tomorrow, discussions and debates are an important step in achieving our common goals.”

Photella is an anonymous photo and video sharing app that allows people to accurately report and document events in Lebanon while maintaining anonymity.  For example people who support the protests but who cannot say or post anything on FB, Instagram, or Twitter because of their work.

Photella is available for both Android and iPhone and is free.

Bluetooth connectivity for low reception areas.

With the recent rumours spreading about the potential loss of internet connection confirmed by kreidieh. It is time for us to take our precautions.Please install the app “bridgefy”. It works on Bluetooth and does not need 4G.
It allows direct messaging between two people within 100 meters. It also allows long distance messaging between two people as long as there are other connected bridgefy users in between you and the other person. Please share.