We demand a technocratic government formed by experts outside the current political system whose tasks must include:

Holding early elections under a fair law to establish a constitutional authority outside the sectarian constraints

Passing a law to ensure the independence of the judiciary and holding accountable all the components of power

Taking the necessary procedures to strengthen and reinforce the financial sustainability, which includes adopting a serious approach to decrease public debt, restructuring the tax policy, handling the energy sector and its administration with transparency, combating tax evasion and improving revenue collection, as well as lifting bank secrecy. 

Restoring and strengthening social protection through reforms in social security and pensions, and ensuring the independence of the Lebanese university without the use of quotas

Protecting the environment and putting a halt on all projects and plans that harm the environment such as the building of dams, incinerators and quarries.

A Circular Economy Hub of all issues and initiatives about Economy, Society and Environment concerning Sustainable Development in Lebanon

The organization founded during Lebanon’s waste crisis presented a beacon of hope for the region with innovative solutions and a strong social base for their work.




Lebanon2040 is an NGO which will lead the resurrection and advancement of Lebanon, to reach its vision of making Lebanon a sustainable country.


UMAM believes that dealing with Lebanon’s violent past is fundamental to eliminating the specter of renewed conflict.

By creating and continually enriching a citizen resource center focused on Lebanon’s conflict-laden and war-loaded past and by utilizing a variety of tools (including cultural activities, technical workshops and targeted research), UMAM D&R helps boost collective reflection on the many different instances of conflict and violence that have plagued Lebanon’s past, weigh heavily on its present and have the potential to influence its future.

Helem (or “Dream” in Arabic), is the first LGBTIQ rights organization in the Arab world, officially established in Beirut, Lebanon in 2004. Currently, Helem is set up in a red tent facing Al-Amin mosque to offer support and aid.



Mission to build communities that promote blood donations.

مهمة لبناء المجتمعات التي تشجع على التبرع بالدم


The Green Party of Lebanon is a green political party that advocates environmental protection, sustainable development, human rights and social justice in Lebanon.



We are an NGO that aims to collect data about the various forms of corruption spread across public administration in Lebanon. This data is then mirrored back to the administration and the public in order to raise awareness and engage both parties in a transparent and constructive relationship.

A group of academics, artists, teachers, students and intellectual workers who are organizing events in The Egg.

مجموعة من الأكاديميين والفنانين والمعلمين والطلاب والعاملين الفكريين الذين ينظمون فعاليات في مبنى السينما القديم المعروف بالبيضة


Dedicated to highlighting the extent of systemic corruption occurring in Lebanon through fact-driven numbers.

حساب على إنستاغرام مخصص لتسليط الضوء على مدى الفساد الممنهج الذي يحدث في لبنان من خلال أرقام مدعومة بالحقائق.

The demands of Lebanese citizens as expressed during the October 2019 demonstrations

مطالب المواطنون اللبنانيون كما عبّروا عنها خلال تظاهرات تشرين الأول ٢٠١٩

Li Haqqi a political and social change movement, that is committed to the complete bias of people and rights, and to participatory democracy as an approach to political action.