Grassroots Community Groups

Forbidden. An initiative in Aqaba – Zgharta to support each other in these circumstances, by providing foodstuffs


Collaborates with local NGOs to distribute medicine, no-perishable food, and funds to help over 400 families in Tripoli. 3 independent facilitators (Zeina Shaaban, Aman Damashqieh, and Lea Itani), not in conjunction with any NGOs or coalitions, have collected data on 400+ households mostly in Tripoli in dire need of food, gas and medicine. They are asking for cash donations and are coordinating with local stores for food and other needs, and pharmacies for medicine, to allow families to visit and pick up what they need directly from stores/pharmacies. Until now, they have compiled details of these families on an Excel sheet, which they can share in order to allow donors to choose which household they wish to help

Local Producers, Foods and Drinks and Workshops

Every Sunday 9am till 2pm College St Sauveur, Museum Street

Meet local and organic producers, green community, & eco-friendly initiative.

76 652 897

The AUB Secular Club is a political student organization that strives for a secular, democratic, equal, and just society. After 10 years of student activism, the AUB Secular Club is now the largest independent student-led political group in the country. We aim to build a student movement that embodies our values and works towards achieving students’ rights and demands independently from sectarian political parties.

Experts and professionals with no political affiliation, with a set of initiatives plans and policies aiming to influence change for a better Lebanon.

The Lebanese House is part of the “هيئة تنسيق الثورة” that includes more than 40 active groups *هيئة تنسيق الثورة*:
– حراك العسكريين المتقاعدين
– المبادرة الوطنية
– التيار النقابي المستقل
– حزب الخضر
– البيت اللبناني
– حملة الشعب يريد إصلاح النظام
اللقاء التشاوري المدني (إقليم الخروب)
– مبادرة وعي
– حركة الشعب
-الحركة الشبابية للتغيير
– المتحدون
– نبض النبطية
– حزب سبعة
– مجموعة civil marriage in lebanon
– حراس المدينة / النبطية
-الحزب القومي، الانتفاضة
– حركة النهضة القومية
– حراك صور
– لهون وبس
– الحراك المدني العكاري
– اللقاءالجنوبي
– حركة المحرومين طرابلس
– حملة حلو عنا
– ثوار النبطية
– تجمع شباب زحلة
– حراك الهرمل
-برلمان الدولة العادلة
مجموعة For Ever Lebanon
– تحالف وطني
– تجمع أبناء بعلبك
– اللقاء النقابي التشاوري
– لبنان اليوم
– حوار الشباب
– حراك بريتال
– الأساتذة المتقاعدون في التعليم الرسمي
– ناشطون مستقلة
لجنة أبناء الوطن (صيدا صور بيروت طرابلس)

A political movement that works for the advancement of Lebanon and the building of a democratic, just and capable civil state that the Lebanese trust and move to Lebanon again.


Grassroot community group in Batroun who’s aim is to spread awareness about politics, economy, human rights and a guide to a better tomorrow.

We show university students the values and importance of secular ideas of acceptance and tolerance away from sectarianism. We do so through various cultural events and campaigns in order to involve students and empower them, so that they understand their role and impact in society.