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A political movement that works for the advancement of Lebanon and the building of a democratic, just and capable civil state that the Lebanese trust and move to Lebanon again.


To make sure there is continuous protests coverage we have setup an online address where people can watch protests live.

Volunteers needed to broadcast. Contact us for info and configuration.

Informed by the street, informing the street.

Shari3 is posting videos of talks from USJ and others on youtube

We show university students the values and importance of secular ideas of acceptance and tolerance away from sectarianism. We do so through various cultural events and campaigns in order to involve students and empower them, so that they understand their role and impact in society.

A public space on the streets of the people’s revolution everyday at 7:00pm at Samir Kassir Square

ARD is a social entrepreneurship movement that aims to create an innovative environment that would become the entrepreneurial hub of the revolution.


Locations of demonstrations and popular protests that began on Thursday night, October 17, and continue to expand on Lebanese territory.


SEEDS For Legal Initiatives is a a non-profit organisation that provides the necessary legal information about various topics, focusing now on the protests, the rights of protesters and the constitutional steps in forming a government.



Social Media Exchange (SMEX) is a registered Lebanese NGO that works to advance self-regulating information societies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
For all Digital Security Needs

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A brand new platform in Lebanon to connect primary teachers with kids in their neighbourhood who want to study when schools are closed. It’s completely free, non-profit, and we are registering teachers and families right now! Let’s do do something positive for Lebanon’s kids!