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“Dear Lebanese people,

Join the discord server for the Lebanese revolution to communicate securely with all your fellow citizens involved with the protests (all in one place).

There are channels for every area covering Lebanon. If we are missing any areas or topics in the channels section please notify us.

Look up “discord” on your app or play store to download it.

An infinite amount of people can join the server. Share this with everyone involved. Share news, useful information and events on related channels and please keep it respectful and peaceful.

In hopes of a better tomorrow, discussions and debates are an important step in achieving our common goals.”

Art of Thawra is collecting all the “Lebanon Revolution Art” in 1 place to showcase Creativity in freedom of expression.


Christina Jane is a collage artist creating revolutionary art.

كريستينا جين هي فنانة مجمعة تصنع الفن الثوري