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Since its inception, it has been working to serve the local Lebanese community and improve its living standards on many levels. Ajialouna’s organizational structure consists of a Board of Trustees made up of 10 members as well as an administrative body of 92 female volunteers. These ladies have expertise in various fields including engineering, medicine, pharmacy, education, administration, and others, along with 35 employees, mostly female breadwinners of their households. Based on our belief in the need to build a better tomorrow for our children and with the desire to cover a larger area in Lebanon, and implement the vision and goals of the organization, Ajialouna has kept introducing new centers and programs relying on the perseverance and the exceptional spirit of solidarity and teamwork demonstrated by its members, staff and female volunteers to promote and improve the status of many underprivileged to a better status of education and productivity. In The past 16 years, the volunteer ladies worked hard to establish and sustain the current 16 programs that are embedded in the following five departments; Health, Health Awareness, Social, Women Empowerment, Educational, and Fundraising. These programs are funded by grants provided by generous individuals, companies, and sponsors as well as Ajialouna’s fundraising activities

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Amel is a non-governmental organization, recognized as a public utility by presidential decree 5832 in 1994. Amel is a non-profit, non sectarian organization that supports the most underprivileged populations in Lebanon, through various programs involving health care, psychosocial support, rural development, vocational training, child protection and the promotion of human rights. Amel has currently 24 centers, 6 mobile medical units and a mobile educational unit, in the most underprivileged zones in Lebanon (Southern Suburbs of Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Bekaa Valley and South Lebanon)

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Founded on forgiveness, respect and love values, the association Joy of Giving has taken it upon her to assemble the Lebanese family and to heal deep wounds created between different religions and regions over 15 years of war through ethical and social projects. Created in 1985 Joy of Giving tries to favor the understanding and the unity of the Lebanese people and intervenes on levels of sewing social links between Lebanese by promoting a culture of collective responsibility. A non-confessional, non-political association, Joy of Giving was created during the Lebanes war simultaneously in Lebanon and in France by Lebanese and French students. The association is registered in the Official Journal of the Lebanese Republic under the number 212 A/D and in the Official Journal of the French Republic in 1987. Since 2002, the association Joy of Giving has had international branches in Sweden and we are currently assisting to create a branch in Egypt and in Syria where we have a strong collaboration.


Nusaned is a humanitarian, community-based and volunteer organization. We believe that the power to create change comes from working collaboratively.


Shaabemasouleyati is a humanitarian initiative that aims at enhancing the social and economical situation of the Lebanese citizens Contact: 76643738

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CHANCE (CHildren AgaiNst CancEr) is a Lebanese Association that helps kids with Cancers and blood disorders. Because NO child should be denied the right to be cured for lack of financial means, CHANCE was founded in 2002 by doctors, parents & volunteers so that EVERY child in Lebanon can receive the best CHANCE to be saved. CHANCE (Factual Certificate 52/AD, 2005) is based entirely on volunteer work and donations. To help a child be cured, please feel free to contact us. Let’s all join hands and efforts to “Give them a CHANCE”… Tel: 70 81 22 59 For your donations: Fransabank – Tabaris Agency Account #231093113860 or Bank of Beirut: Account # 1140110317800

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We ensure a sense of dignity to Lebanese families that have been deprived of their most basic needs and rights.

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Fundraising Campaign/Organization (Food, money, medical equipment etc).Delivers sustainable healthcare solutions to underserved Lebanese populations

Lebanese labor watch, an independent democratic trade union movement who has offered assistance and a hotline for those losing their jobs due to participation in protests.

Lifeline: 1564 / Tel: +961 1 346 226

The Embrace Lifeline is not an emergency response service with a medical team ready to be mobilized on the ground. It is a helpline to provide suicide risk assessment and emotional support and link people to services available in Lebanon.


Serie of advice on how to deal with tear gas

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Caritas Lebanon is providing FREE mental health services at its different health center locations.

Please dial following numbers if you are affected by the explosion:






Forbidden. An initiative in Aqaba – Zgharta to support each other in these circumstances, by providing foodstuffs


Young people’s Christmas initiative setting up a booth starting December 8th in Riad El Soloh. “Take what you need booth” people can drop off anything from clothing to toys and food for people in need to pick and chose from.


Rim El Rafi, Samaya Mansour, Rana Sukarieh, Suha Harb & Shaghig Chaparian

We are a group of Lebanese citizens that came together to help our fellow Lebanese living in dire conditions. The ongoing economic collapse, salary cuts, wrongful termination, the devaluation of the Lebanese currency, and the increase in domestic prices have left hundreds of families in severe poor conditions.They are unable to meet their basic food and shelter demands. Two days ago, a Lebanese indebted father committed suicide for his inability to give 1000 L.L.(50 cents) for his daughter, and his inability to pay the medical expenses for his wife. Today, another Lebanese father committed suicide for his inability to meet his basic family needs.