Article by Diala Lteif- The Lebanon Revolution Takes on The Media: A Resource on Alternative News Outlets

Since 17 October 2019, one of the most pressing concerns for Lebanese living abroad has been access to reliable sources of information about the uprising happening in our home country. Obviously, the sources of information we rely on influence our opinions. Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who follow mainstream Lebanese media are increasingly less informed and more pessimistic about the realities on the ground.

Thawra TV is a Live online TV to cover Thawra events, Talks, discussions from all over Lebanon and dedicated for the youth students and women of Lebanon.

Rusted Radishes bookstore seeks writing and art that is innovative, truthful, risk-taking, and engaged. Our contributors are largely from the American University of Beirut, but we welcome submissions from all around the world. Our only requirement is that you somehow are “related” to Lebanon.

To make sure there is continuous protests coverage we have setup an online address where people can watch protests live.

Volunteers needed to broadcast. Contact us for info and configuration.

Informed by the street, informing the street.

Shari3 is posting videos of talks from USJ and others on youtube

Hello All,

First thank you to everyone that participated in the Human Chain it was truly a spectacle. But our work isn’t over, we need to make sure the whole of Lebanon and the world know how we stood in solidarity for our entire country in the face of adversity.

Below are a group of links to prominent news stories (in English and Arabic) that have been published as a result of the Human Chain. What we need you to do is the following:

1. Repost the stories on your social media handles (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)

2. Use the Hashtags #LebaneseHumanChain and #السلسلة_البشرية_اللبنانية

3. Tag @Humanchain.lebanon

4. Circulate this message to everyone you know (residents and expats)

By doing this we will be able to feed online traffic to those news stories so they become trending topics and in turn become more likely to appear in a google search about Lebanon. This will greatly help keep the conversation about our beloved country’s revolution alive, and show the world that we stand hand in hand in solidarity…literally

Arabic news stories:

الشرق الأوسط – سلسلة بشرية من جنوب لبنان إلى شماله… والمصارف تواصل الإغلاق غداً

يورو نيوز – لبنانيون يشاركون في سلسلة بشرية من شمال البلاد إلى جنوبها في إطار الحراك الشعبي

رويترز – المحتجون في لبنان يشكلون سلسلة بشرية بطول 171 كيلومترا

English News Stories:

The Guardian – Protesters form human chain across Lebanon

Gulf News – Watch: Lebanese attempt to form human chain from north to south

Reuters – With Lebanon in deadlock, protesters form human chain

We are a group of friends that are organizing talks and discussions to raise awareness about a variety of topics related to the thawra. We aim to create a better understanding of the political and economic issues around the current protest. We will also be uploading the edited talks on Facebook and YouTube.