Pro Bono Services

توصيل مجاني للمأكولات والإحتياجات اللازمة للمتظاهرين من الساعة الثامنة الى الساعة العاشرة صباحاً


For Legal assistance please call Legal Agenda’s Hotline and they will connect you with a Pro Bono lawyer to work with.


KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation is a feminist, secular, Lebanese, non-profit, non-governmental civil society organization seeking to create a society that is free of social, economic and legal patriarchal structures
that discriminate against women. 

76 608 205

Proud Lebanon is a nonprofit civil society working to achieve protection, empowerment & equality to marginalized groups through community service activities is a grassroots map of Lebanon’s formal and informal public transport. It was lovingly pieced together by ordinary citizens just like you!


The goal of the Lebanese Red Cross is to promote peace, serve the society, and alleviate human suffering with neutrality and without any racial, sexual, social, religious or political discrimination.

Organises Urgent (emergency) relief services for the victims of all kinds of disasters.

Recruits volunteers and trains them to accomplish different tasks appointed to the Lebanese Red Cross.



Committee of pro bono lawyers to defend protestors in Lebanon.

If you have been threatened because of the protests, you can file a legal claim. Contact our hotline 78935579.


لجنة المحامين للدفاع عن المتظاهرين في لبنان: ماذا تفعل في حال تم تهديدك بسبب المشاركة في التظاهرات؟ يحق لكم التقدم بشكوى امام النيابة العامة الاستئنافية التابعة لمكان سكنكم بوجه كل من يهددكم. وبامكانكم التواصل معنا عبر الخط الساخن 78935579 من اجل الحصول على نموذج من هذه الشكوى.

ALDIC is a Lebanese association aiming to promote tax ethics and compliance by informing citizens about their rights and obligations and by enlightening them on issues and challenges of taxation, in particular, to encourage them to seek greater control over the management of public funds at all levels of the administration.




SEEDS For Legal Initiatives is a a non-profit organisation that provides the necessary legal information about various topics, focusing now on the protests, the rights of protesters and the constitutional steps in forming a government.



Social Media Exchange (SMEX) is a registered Lebanese NGO that works to advance self-regulating information societies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
For all Digital Security Needs

76 817 019

A brand new platform in Lebanon to connect primary teachers with kids in their neighbourhood who want to study when schools are closed. It’s completely free, non-profit, and we are registering teachers and families right now! Let’s do do something positive for Lebanon’s kids!


+961 1 425 783

An independent democratic trade union movement who have offered assistance and a hotline for those losing their jobs due to participation in protests.

إتحاد تجاري مستقل وديموقراطي يقدم المساعدة عبر خط ساخن لكل من خسر وظيفه\ها بسبب المشاركة في التظاهرات