NERDS Educating about Finance in Lebanon during the current economic crisis.

  • Mismanagement
  • Economy
  • Accountability
  • Bankruptcy
  • Bailout

Lebtivity, the calendar for events, is extensively sharing and promoting the cleanups happening every morning in Martyrs Square and Riad El Solh, and contributed in making a connection for Jal El Dib to create a cleanup group with Joanna Jleilaty.

Daily, many volunteers are seeing the event on Lebtivity and joining every morning.

Many contacts with media or people who wanted to help were made too and transferred to the people in charge.

Informed by the street, informing the street.

Shari3 is posting videos of talks from USJ and others on youtube

We show university students the values and importance of secular ideas of acceptance and tolerance away from sectarianism. We do so through various cultural events and campaigns in order to involve students and empower them, so that they understand their role and impact in society.

Locations of demonstrations and popular protests that began on Thursday night, October 17, and continue to expand on Lebanese territory.


SEEDS For Legal Initiatives is a a non-profit organisation that provides the necessary legal information about various topics, focusing now on the protests, the rights of protesters and the constitutional steps in forming a government.



Social Media Exchange (SMEX) is a registered Lebanese NGO that works to advance self-regulating information societies in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).
For all Digital Security Needs

“Dear Lebanese people,

Join the discord server for the Lebanese revolution to communicate securely with all your fellow citizens involved with the protests (all in one place).

There are channels for every area covering Lebanon. If we are missing any areas or topics in the channels section please notify us.

Look up “discord” on your app or play store to download it.

An infinite amount of people can join the server. Share this with everyone involved. Share news, useful information and events on related channels and please keep it respectful and peaceful.

In hopes of a better tomorrow, discussions and debates are an important step in achieving our common goals.”

New.Leb is a website where you can freely vote for concerns raised by Lebanese People.

Lebanese Revolution Content Dissemination Dashboard

An attempt to reflect the dissemination of published content related to the Lebanese Revolution, by collecting and analyzing a data sample of news and tweets, and tracing the trendiest hashtags and their related activities.

Try the desktop version too!

مراقب انتشار المحتوى الرقمي عن الثورة في لبنان

يهدف هذا الموقع إلى محاولة بيان كيفية انتشار المحتوى الرقمي المتعلق بمجريات الثورة في لبنان، وذلك وفقاً للوسوم (الهاشتاغ) الأكثر تداولاً على “تويتر” بناء على عينة من إجمالي النشاط المرصود حولها.


Thawra in Numbers is a live tracker designed to encourage and support all Lebanese across the world in their voice for a better future. Let’s see our numbers grow and count yourself in!

Created by wife & husband team: Celia Jaber & Robby Walker   – From San Francisco with love <3

Love form SF

Lebanese Revolution will share with the world by reporting vetted news; relaying a timeline of daily events; aggregating all the art that emerged from it; and offering a forum to exchange thoughts and perspectives

صفحة تغطي أحداث وأخبار المظاهرات والاعتصامات في مختلف المناطق اللبنانية بأسلوب إعلام بديل بسبب تخاذل بعض وسائل الإعلام اللبنانية. شاركونا.

An independent platform from where we can stay informed about current affairs.